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Suspended Etsy Store? Ebay or Amazon


E Commerce Stores Prior to Etsy, Ebay or Amazon Suspended accounts. Life was good, there is so much money to be made from online marketplaces that host, promote and set up platforms for E Commerce sellers. The best part about online selling marketplaces is the foot traffic is flowing and thousands of potential customers are … Continue reading Suspended Etsy Store? Ebay or Amazon

Why Should You Sell Jewelry Online?

With jewelry being a billion-dollar online business, why wouldn't you a slice of that pie?  Since jewelry really is a consumer product, it knows no boundaries!  Jewelry appeals to all people no matter their age (or gender)!  Bearing this in mind, nobody runs from customers. Check out what's being purchased on the internet: Picture Via: … Continue reading Why Should You Sell Jewelry Online?

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

What's so GREAT about long tail keywords and phrases? Long-tail keywords are usually searched by shoppers in the conclusion of the decision making procedure: when they are prepared to purchase.To describe how this is really using really simple keyword illustrations, let's consider a Normal decision making process a shopper goes via: Research: Shoppers browse product … Continue reading Benefits of Long Tail Keywords