Suspended Etsy Store? Ebay or Amazon

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Prior to Etsy, Ebay or Amazon Suspended accounts. Life was good, there is so much money to be made from online marketplaces that host, promote and set up platforms for E Commerce sellers. The best part about online selling marketplaces is the foot traffic is flowing and thousands of potential customers are flocking to this marketplace, everyday, ready to make a purchase.  Which makes selling a heck of a lot easier than having your own online store.

Why in the heck would you ever need to possess your own store? Why try attempting to build up your own client base when you can use another selling arena and make larger profits?

The most logical response, to start your own store, isn’t generally clear and it’s extremely enticing to go straight for where the cash is and make some easy income. I’m still selling in E commerce and not giving the attention my own website needs.  However, here’s the reason why I chose to set up my own website

When you sell on Amazon, EBay and Etsy, you don’t possess, control, or really own… your business. Theses major Marketplaces hold your bread and butter relentlessly.  At any time any one of them can exert their authority over your shop in anyway they please.  Not having full control over your growing store, income and perhaps household salary can leave any store owner feeling quite vulnerable, especially when we find a WARNING email with the threat of suspending our shop for a “so called” violation.

Now, I’m certainly not implying that you should not take advantage of selling platforms, however over time you should not place most of your eggs in a basket you can’t control.

Today, I will go over some statistics that Amazon, EBay and Etsy has had with their customer base and popularity.

Ebay Suspended Shops


suspended Etsy store

Sometime in the year 2015, EBay’s consumer loyalty record plunged 4% while contenders like Amazon rose to the highest priority in all marketplaces.

What’s more, as far back as that report shows, EBay has been extremely trying to enhance their image by tossing down insults on competitor merchants.

Today, on the off chance that you sold products on EBay and you get a little whirlwind of negative criticism in a brief time frame, there’s a high likelihood that you could get permanently suspended.  Suspending accounts creates a better environment according to these marketplace hosts.

For instance on the E commerce discussion blogs, I read about a shop owner who as of late had his store suspended on EBay. And keeping in mind that this person did not sell on EBay in volume, he was making predictable sales from month to month.

However a year ago, his business experienced an administration change, and unfortunately, mailed several orders late, got some negative reviews and his business account was quickly suspended.

Be that as it may, here’s the kicker. The store owner at that point endeavored to use his very own business account that had been on favorable terms for more than 15 years. But since his business account was connected to him, his own business got restricted too.  The majority of his long time customers on EBay in a split second vanished. Furthermore, he couldn’t make another account, due to EBay’s multi-account ownership policy.

Now and then awful circumstances can come about because of conditions outside your ability to control or because of a basic error. How might you feel about getting your store restricted if USPS lost a few of your bundles?

Lesson of the story: Because EBay is extremely getting serious about buyers, your whole EBay business could go down in fire on the off chance that you foul up with even a little string of negative criticism.

Suspended Etsy Store

Amazon Suspended Accounts

As I said before, I routinely peruse the blogs and Etsy discussions and there are frequently store owners talking about people offering “mass delivery” of products on the Etsy wholesale platform.

With that being said, Etsy has been changing to a considerably more strict arrangement with respect to what is viewed as “carefully assembled” which has prompted a great deal of “insurance” harm.  One Etsy client, who blogs journals, composed an article about how his wholesale store got suspended totally out of nowhere.

He didn’t break any of the rules. He relies upon Etsy for a large portion of his income. Furthermore, he was extremely shocked his Etsy store was permanently suspended.

In any case, here’s the thing. When your Etsy store gets suspended, it isn’t so simple to get it back reinstated.  It can undoubtedly take a long time of lost business, revenue and sanity until you get back to the point you can call yourself fully established in the E Commerce field.

Anyway, after a long season of him going forward and backward messaging with Etsy regarding his suspended Etsy Store, he at long last discovered that Etsy was blaming him for “drop shipping” since his shop declaration expressed, “Handcrafted in New Zealand, delivering out of Pittsburgh.”  REALLY?!!  While this store owner in the end got his shop restored, he shared this extremely valuable statement on his blog.

“I thought I claimed my private brand, yet by having my exclusive name on Etsy, things being what they are I didn’t have the claim I thought I once had. Etsy possesses the shops they host, and they claim all authority to oversee them anyway they pick.”

Lesson of the story: When you put the greater part of your eggs in Etsy’s bushel basket, a basic misconception could land you being out of business.

Suspended Amazon Store

Ebay Store suspended



Amazon is ruthless and rushes to punish any store if there’s any remote doubt of policy violations, whether they are substantial or not.  It’s guilty until demonstrated innocent.

Amazon is likewise infamous for keeping store owners chained and shackled to policy regulations and in fear of false accusations.

Here are some genuine reasons behind why a online store owner may get suspended by Amazon as per their policies.

  • Seller encounters a string of negative reviews (now and then as few as 2-3 negative remarks consecutively)
  • Seller opens more than one shop under a similar individual’s name
  • Seller’s name is related in some way or another with another suspended shop whether it be from a companion or relative
  • Seller is blamed for offering counterfeit products.

You don’t need to look hard to discover horrific stories of Amazon store owners getting suspended permanently. For instance, this specific story on the Amazon blogs got my attention.

This shop owner had a genuinely expansive seller account. With a 95% positive review rating or higher, and gets perhaps 3 A-Z claims every week, right around 2k products sold each week, profits are wonderful, his merchant wellness rating is at 100%, ODR is at .14 and he created  income north of 1 million dollars for each month on Amazon alone.

This shop owner created more than 3 million dollars in charges for Amazon dispatched 793,783 requests in a 2 year time frame and received 1 or 2 lousy “claims of offering fake or phony products” his record gets suspended. (owner claims products were genuine).  Due to his store being permanently suspended by Amazon he has had to lay off 14 employees, paid his suppliers late (there goes his credit rating) and he owes more than 500,000 in past due fees to Amazon.

Another Amazon Policy

A while back, a business associate hit by an Amazon competitor who began leaving counterfeit negative reviews on his items.

It was extremely evident that these reviews were phony however Amazon declined to make a move or intervene.  Thus, one of his items is took a turn for the negative with a 50% decline in sales.  Now he focuses his attention on building his own website.

Main concern, Amazon can and will penalize your store whenever under their prudence to do so.  Much the same as Ebay and Etsy.

Lesson of the story: Even on the off chance that you are an exceptionally well established shop owner, a couple of horrible shop reviews can remove your income stream in a moment. Once, a store suspension is imposed It’s harder to get your store back established, than it was to have it taken away.

My advice  Build Your Own Branded Website!

The stories above have represented that when you sell on EBay, Etsy or Amazon, you don’t genuinely possess your business.

At any minute, you could have your Ebay, Amazon or Etsy store suspended, out of the blue, despite the fact that you may take every effort to abide by all of the hosts policies and rules.

When you build your own branded business, you can not get suspended. When you host your own online store, you don’t need to battle for and ask to have your shop restored.  It’s yours, do what you want!!

When you create your own website for your business, you get the chance to choose when and how you sell your own products.


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